Fracking links

Symptomatology of a gas field This report documents an investigation during February and March 2013 by a concerned General Practitioner, in relation to health complaints by people living in close proximity to coal seam gas develo pment in SW Queensland.

Fracking poses risk to UK farm animals and food safety, experts warn US researchers behind a study that showed links between gas drilling and sickness in livestock say a moratorium should be imposed on fracking in the UK until its impact on food safety can be assessed. Andrew Wasley reports

Bamberger & Oswald: Impacts of gas drilling on human and animal health The source paper for the above article

David Smythe on the hazards of coal bed methane extraction and fracking in the UK

Article by Mike Grenville on his experiences at Balcolmbe

Press release from Cowdray Estate - Midhurst voicing its concerns about an approach from Celtique Energie about the drilling of an exploratory well

Investigating Links between Shale Gas Development and Health Impacts Nadia Steinzor, Wilma Subra, and Lisa Sumi The article can be found on p55 of this pdf version of the journal.

Air Pollution and Natural Gas Operations Colborn T, Schultz K, Herrick L, and Kwiatkowski C. 2012. An exploratory study of air quality near natural gas operations

Safety of fracking is far from assured A letter to The Independent, 18th November 2013 from Professor Andrew Watterson.

Horsham Against Fracking on Facebook