Transition Horsham Community Allotment 2015

March 2015

Saturday 7th March was the first of 2015 working parties at the Community Allotment. There were only two of us to kick off the New Year, March 2015 1.jpgAdam and Maggie. The weather was good for early March but it was too early to start planting. We had been concerned about the weed suppressant unravelling and shedding strands of plastic over the soil, so Adam began to lift the strips we had put down for paths and moved some pavers in as stepping stones. Maggie shifted soil from a heap into the raised beds and did a bit of weeding.

The pond looked good, quite full with a patch of frog spawn, and the Bramley apple tree had been restored to an upright position during the winter. The work parties will continue now every fortnight on a Saturday afternoon, and in between on a Wednesday afternoon if there is the demand.

April 2015

Open Day 2015

The community allotment had its spring Open Day on Saturday, 18th April. It was sunny and bright as we showed people around the allotment, what we had done and what was planned. We offered coffee, tea, elderflower cordial and the inevitable cake. It was lovely to meet those who came, including our friends from Chesworth Farm. Great excitement ensued when Tim Thomas was able to identify types of newts, a frog and various snails and insects that had colonised the wildlife pond. We are delighted to report that as a result of the Open Day we have 3 new recruits to the team, who will make a difference to what we can grow. Next working parties are April 22nd and May 2nd.

May 2015

Open Day 2015

Things are progressing well on the allotment. Due to many people having commitments on the 16th we had an alternative working party on the 9th for which seven turned up. We continued working on a secondary paved area which will be used to house the barbeque. Spinach was sown in one of the raised beds and several other varieties of veg (beetroot and chard) were sown in one of the standard beds. The weeding continues and virtually all of the main beds are clear and ready for planting up soon, the main focus is to tidy up some of the paths between the beds. The second half plot now has several rows of potatoes planted. The next official working party will be on the 6th of June at which point the beans and courgettes should be ready to go out.

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