Useful links

The Transition movement

Transition Network, through which Transition initiatives co-operate with each other.

Transition Culture, a blog by Rob Hopkins, co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, the original Transition initative.

Some other Transition initiatives

Transition Town Totnes (the first Transition Town)

Transition Town Lewes

Transition Forest Row

Transition Dorking

Local links

Horsham Organic Gardeners Society

Sussex Green Living

The Downs Link Permaculture Initiative

"a community-centred organization located in Southwater, West Sussex, which aims to incorporate the better use of natural elements into our daily lives through sustainable designs."

Fairtrade Horsham

Central Sussex Beekeepers Association

We are most grateful to Horsham Quakers, whose excellent facilities we frequently use for our meetings and events.

Peak oil, climate change and related issues

Skeptical Science: Explaining climate change science and rebutting global warming misinformation.

The perfect storm, one of several speeches made in 2009 by Sir John Beddington, the Government's Chief Scientific Advisor. He describes a coming "perfect storm" in which "by 2030 the world will need to produce around 50 per cent more food and energy, together with 30 per cent more fresh water, whilst mitigating and adapting to climate change."

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

James Hansen's website: James Hansen is head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Adjunct Professor of Earth Sciences at Columbia University's Earth Institute.

Climate Progress, a blog by American climate scientist, Joe Romm

Post Carbon Insitute, for some serious thinking about our future.

The Oil Drum, discussions about energy and our future

Fracking, 13 Key Fracking Pros and Cons in the UK

Energy Saving, 21 useful tips to save on energy bills.

Electric Vehicles, A Complete Guide To Driving Electric and Hybrid Cars.

Climate Change Solutions course, Learners will explore solutions to this global challenge, including mitigation, adaptation and geo-engineering, which can help avoid the most dangerous climate changes.

Sustainable economics

Sustainable Development Commission. The organisation no longer exists but its legacy website give access to some important reports, including Professor Tim Jackson's Prosperity without growth

New Economics Foundation (nef)

Forum for the Future

Food and growing it

Love Food Hate Waste

Garden Organic - the national charity for organic growing

Part-time Carnivore - "We provide inspiration and resources to help people reduce meat consumption in their local communities by getting regular meat eaters to become part-time carnivores."


Much of the thinking behind Transition is rooted in the "permaculture" idea (originally PERMAnent agriCULTURE), first developed in Australia during the 1970s.

The Permaculture Association

Permaculture Magazine

A farm for the future The first ten minutes of a classic programme broadcast by the BBC in 2009

Brighton Permaculture Trust



Sussex Green Living - recycling for charity

11 landfill waste resources now diverted to Sussex Greener Living recycling scheme

Horsham coffee waste packaging recycling scheme


John Medway's Energy Descent

John Medway is a member of Transition Horsham. Watch his progress as he tries to get to grips with the issues around climate change and sustainability.


Learn to scythe

Some recommended videos

A solution to pollution - a film by Nicola Peel about how fungi are being used to clear up pollution from oil extraction in Ecuador.
Story of stuff
a classic from 2008 and a sequel...
Story of broke