Transition Horsham Community Allotment 2019

March/April 2019

A new year, and a new growing season. February saw some freak temperatures at the end of the month, March started out a washoutr and finished on a dry and sunny note, and April seems to have regressed back to winter in terms of rubbish daytime temperatures (wretched easterly winds). We have had three working parties this month, the second being rained on so nothing got done, but the recent working party on the 6th managed to get a good amount of work done. The greenhouse, which was badly weeded has been cleared, and all that is required is a few bags of manure to top up the beds. The raised beds have been weeded and are now ready for cultivating. Second early potatoes (Pentland Javelin) were planted in one of the large beds, which had been previously weeded and dug over. In the same bed, last years leeks were harvested before they get a chance to throw up flower heads (at which point they become tough inside), and were shared out among the three of us. Finally, some kale and another brassica which I lost the label was planted out in another large bed, which, due to being covered with cardboard last autumn and winter, was mostly weed free, and the cardboard has mostly broken down.

In early March, there was a lot of frog spawn in the pond. This has now hatched and the pond is full of tadpoles.

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