Transition Horsham Community Allotment 2023

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The Allotment Barbecue, Thursday, July 31st 2014.


Working Parties 2024

  • Working parties will resume in Spring 2024

If you are interested in joining the Allotment group, or for more information email us at:

Autumn 2023

We have putting some of the allotment to bed we have been weeding, picked the last tomatoes, taking out marrow and pumpkins, chopping down the fennel and horseradish and putting down ground cover. We built a leaf mould maker.

We have emptied some of the water butts to move them. We don’t think we will miss the water for the next two months. The wet weather means we have a lot of interesting things. We have also decided to buy a tool store. We are hoping to get it fully installed at the our work party and social on the December 2nd.

At the Unitarians, we have added to the pond. Next time we will build bug apartment block. We are also planning on event in May, so that in the spring we will be getting ready for that.

June 2023

It’s been dry so we’ve done a lot of watering. We watered the greenhouse with comfrey.

We have picked Strawberries, Lettuce, Sweet Peas, Beetroot, Chard, Rhubarb.

We planted Sweetcorn and purple sprouting Broccoli and more cabbages.

The potatoes are nearly ready.

We found out from Matthew’s sister how to deal with our new grapevine.